Benefits Of The PEGAS CrafTap

Filling Time

The PEGAS CrafTap uses the same operating principles found in large bottling factories around the world, the counter-pressure method. This method ensure the bottles are filled at a rate that no other manual filler in the market can match, 64 oz. in 60 seconds.

Reduction of Waste = Quick R.O.I.

The PEGAS CrafTap uses a unique system that fills the bottle from the bottom up, actually eliminating foam, and therefore eliminating waste. A typical manual filling system can yield up to 30-40% waste per growler. By eliminating waste the Return on Investment for the PEGAS CrafTap can be measured in months.

Several Glass Bottle Sizes Can Be Filled

The PEGAS CrafTap gives the user the ability to use a wide variation of bottle sizes and shapes. All popular bottles can be filled:

  • 1 gal. Growlers
  • 32 oz. Growlers
  • 64 oz. Growlers
    (Includes German style Flop-top Wide-Mouth Growlers)
  • 22 oz. Bombers
  • 12 oz. Bottles
Small Footprint – 13.78” x 13.78”

The PEGAS CrafTap uses a small amount of counter, or back bar space that makes it adaptable to any environment.

Easy Operation

The PEGAS CrafTap requires 15 minutes of training for a standard team member. It was designed like a regular tap, ensuring that anyone can operate the system.

Eye Catching Looks

The PEGAs CrafTap has a unique, eye catching look that is sure to create attention to your new Growler Filler, which in turn will create more Growler filling business.

Pricing Available Upon Request